Friday, June 11, 2010

My Kid Fell!! Now What??

Ahhh it's been 2 months since a last blog post!

So I've gotten this question enough in the last 2 weeks that it's time for a post about it. What do you do when your kid falls and injures a tooth?

If a kid falls and hits his/her mouth and it's bleeding, first of all don't worry about the tooth that very second. Make sure your kid is ok, the bleeding (if any) stops and calm him/her down.

Now we can focus on the teeth. Most kids fall and injure a tooth in the front of the mouth. Here's the big thing: if the tooth falls out and it is a baby tooth, DO NOT put the tooth back in the mouth because it can damage an adult tooth. If it is an adult tooth and it comes out, then put it in some milk and come over to the dentist immediately. Now, some do recommend rinsing the tooth and sticking it back into the mouth and then going to the dentist. I would say to you, unless you absolutely cannot make it to the dentist right away, that you do not stick the tooth back in. (What if dirt remains on the tooth, etc.)

If the tooth doesn't come out, but it's loose, don't try to wiggle it or play with it. Come see the dentist. You might damage it more by wiggling it around.

In any case, if your child ever falls and injures a tooth, make it over to the dentist ASAP. Our number is 512-301-2483 if you need one!