Thursday, April 1, 2010

6 Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces

I love doing braces. I love seeing teeth move. It amazes me how fast I can straighten people's teeth sometimes and give them beautiful smiles that they have wanted their whole life. Not only that, but doing so in about 6 months. Anyhow, a picture says a 1000 words.

Patient #1 wanted braces her whole life. Finally decided it's time. Here is before:

Here is 4.5 months later! I wanted them on a little longer (after all I am a picky dentist), but she was thrilled with them and wanted to take an awesome vacation. Who could blame her?

Here is patient number 2 that I am seeing right now. Once again, she has wanted braces for a long time and consulted with several doctors. Here is before:

Here is a picture of treatment ONLY 2 MONTHS IN!!! Look at the dramatic movement! Also note how the brackets are clear. Not only are they fast, but they are clear!

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So a perk of being a dentist is that I get my teeth cleaned whenever I want. Usually 4x a year. So did I have gingivitis?

Yes, I'm ashamed to say yes. Localized gingivitis in just 1 spot though! I brush 3x a day and floss at least twice a day and I still had one spot with a 4 and bleeding on probing. Like I've mentioned, gum disease (or progression of gum disease) just doesn't hurt and give you pain symptoms like a tooth ache.

So morale of the story? Getting your teeth cleaned and check up is VERY IMPORTANT. If a dentist that flosses at least 2x, brushes 3x a day and gets teeth cleaned 4x a year can get gingivitis, so can you!